What the License Means

It’s true. Anyone can draw a building on a napkin and go build it. But is it aesthetically pleasing? Does it adhere to commonly adopted standards or are the ceilings only six feet, two inches tall? Most importantly, is the structure designed and built to last?

Being licensed is just one form of reassurance to you that you’re working with someone who’s met rigorous skill requirements and is an expert in the field of architecture. Here are some of my thoughts on what it all means:

I had to endure 36 hours of testing over a one week period. Then in California, there is an additional requirement to be subject to a one hour interview by a panel of peers of which you have to pass also before being granted a license.

Architects have studied many aspects of art and science to combine their knowledge of these specialties into cohesive designs.

They can provide the latest technologies and efficiencies to your project. Architects are constantly learning the best and most efficient ways through building technological innovations to bring your project to fruition.

In order to save construction costs, it is prudent to hire an architect who can save you the cost of their fee through innovations in design.

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