George Psaledakis

The profession of architecture can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. This history has survived the test of time and the evidence of those early beginnings can be experienced today. Fundamentals we take for granted in our daily lives were realized by the great scholars; mathematicians, artists, philosophers, musicians and architects. Form, style, spatial relationships, proportions are all integral to a fundamentally sound built environment.

As a practicing architect, all those qualities are utilized each time I endeavor to solve a design opportunity. It is not just a simple task to put pen to paper without purging the mind from the plethora of ideas that can ultimately become the scheme to solve the client’s needs.

My passion is to incorporate those long tested design fundamentals of form, balance, scale and harmony with the latest efficient cost effective methods to reach a Net Zero Energy use. I further this effort whenever the opportunity arises to incorporate adaptive re-use of materials and structural elements when feasible in my designs when proven to be cost effective. Design is for my clients, not for me. I am an enabler of outstanding design. The end result is my client’s dream founded with my guidance and oversight. It is not about my ego.

I am adept at providing cost effective innovative solutions to difficult design challenges. The more complicated it is, the more I enjoy solving it.

I have been practicing these principals of Sustainable Design long before it became chic, and now it has become mainstream and slowly becoming mandatory via triennial building code updates.


I have been a practicing architect in the state of California since 1997. My experience in the field of architecture began in the early 1980’s employed as a carpenter in New England. Graduating from Boston Architectural College in 1986 with a Bachelor in Architecture degree provided me with a well-rounded practical knowledge of design and the building construction industry.

I gained a wide range of building type experience over 30 years which included notable projects in the San Francisco Bay area. This included: Renovation of the Hearst Memorial Mining Building on the UC Berkeley campus; J. David Gladstone Institutes Biotechnology Laboratory in Mission Bay, San Francisco; State of California Department of Health Services Laboratory in Richmond Ca; and numerous public school projects throughout the Bay Area (one shown at left) and tenant improvement projects just to name a few building types.


I am compassionate about giving back to the community. I am a big proponent that has subscribed to the belief that gives 10% of my time to the community per week. I’ve been a volunteer firefighter/engineer in the village of Glen Ellen, California since 1998. You can learn more about our fire district here and our staff here. Having the knowledge base of an architect and carpenter, has proven to be an asset when fighting structure fires by understand how buildings are constructed and understand how they will perform when engulfed with fire. Making your structure “sustainable” also applies to using materials, design and construction methods that reduce the possibility of a future catastrophic event and will allow inhabitants time to evacuate the building.


I have a practical knowledge of the design and construction oversight process. The most important goal on a project is to understand the critical path and follow it to fruition. This will provide the most cost effective method to keep design and construction projects on time and on budget. Partnering with local general contractors, I can utilize cost actuarial methods for your design project and will be delighted to provide you with this efficiency on your project.

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