Welcome to Psaledakis Architecture where we’re designing for sustainable living!

“Sustainable” living design, in fact, is so good at doing what it does, it uses net zero energy!

And what is “net zero” energy consumption? Traditional buildings consume 40% fossil fuels – not exactly sustainable in a world in which we’re moving towards a harmonious existence with everything on the planet. On the other hand, net zero buildings consume only renewable resources and eliminate carbon emissions, merely occupying a footprint on the land. All of this translates into reduced (or omitted) utility expenses for you.

It all begins before a single shovelful of dirt has been moved.

The first step in great design is to ensure your building has been properly oriented to capture prevailing winds, utilize solar exposures and capture on-site topographical features that may provide shelter from the elements.

With the structure well-sited, the next step is to choose wall and roof assembly materials that reflect heat and maintain even temperatures in the home, reducing maintenance costs even further.

Even rainwater harvesting can be incorporated into your design.

From your heating and cooling systems to glazing and aesthetic considerations, a trained professional (such as myself!) can bring so much more to your building project to enjoy and last a lifetime.

Call me today or send me an email to discuss your net zero home or business design of tomorrow!